annika bellamy psycho

‘PSYCHO’ is LIVE NOW! My new R&B hit!

“Psycho” is NOW LIVE & available on all streaming platforms! Been counting down the days! 😜 I hope everyone is safe.😷 🥳 HIT THAT LINK below to Buy & Stream! 🧡🙏

Once again I got together with producer Jayden Panesso to write and record this real life contemporary r&b song called “Psycho” that’s being described as “sexy”, “heart break”, “inspirational”, “epic”, “party”, and “female empowering”!


“This song is about cutting loose from a toxic relationship. Realizing that I have been fooled and manipulated for far too long. I finally cut the cord and moved on. I think many of us have gone thru this painful, yet ultimately rewarding and freeing experience”,


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